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Property search

Advice and agency services to find the right property

Finding the right property for you

beratungYou are looking for a suitable property or appropriate development area - This is excactly what we can offer you.


Initially and together with our clients we establish detailed property requirements. We always put our clients first. As your property experts, we provide our clients with full service during the entire process. We provide a complete range of management and consultancy services to clients including property search, needs analysis, opimization and exchange of contracts.


Factors of success

  • target-driven approach fo clients and sellers
  • Offering desired locations before being put on the market
  • Confidential transactions
  • Anonymous pre-negotiations
  • Negotiations
  • Gaining transaction security
  • Access to an existing network of owners, developers, architects and insitutions

Basics I

  • Preparation process
  • Giving advice on how to find the best letting/purchasing price.
  • Information on the calculation of areas
  • Acquisition of all relevant documentation (land register, development plans)
  • Verification of objects based on the participation of neighbours in planning approval.

Basics II

  • Object, image, revenue, utility value analysis
  • Documentation
  • Drawing up an extensive d property portfolio

Additional analyses

  • Portfolio analysis of existing property portfolios
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Parameter-based determination of market value (cash flow, ROI, construction cost)
  • Capability assessment, capability outlook for submarkets
  • Analysing the chances of possible letting, sale and increase in value
  • Due-diligence

Property search and selection

  • Search for rental space - finding and selection of offers
  • Search for business rental space - finding and selection of offers
  • Location search, location analysis, market analysis through inhouse researchb team

Action plans

  • Giving recommendations on purchasing and letting
  • Proposals for usage
  • Recommendations on optimization (change, redevelopment)
  • Recommendations on restructuring and improvement

Drafting of contract

  • Giving advice on terms and conditions of lease, maintenance costs and drafting of contract
  • Drafting, assessing and optimization of contract
  • Negotiating change or extension of contract.
  • Successfully finalising negotiations

Additional services

  • Regular information updates for clients
  • Supporting the floor planning process
  • Coordination of activities of tax advisers, auditor, lawyers, solicitors etc.
  • After sales services