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Asset management

Strategic property management

For you as tenant, buyer and property owner we enhance the image, maximize the revenue and utility of your property and minimize potential risks. Owner occupation, letting or sale - our goal is to protect our clients' interests at all times.


Our competence and effectiveness to achieve your goal


Headquartered in Leipzig and a market player for over 10 years, we work for leading banks (non-performing loans, workout of loans)


We pride ourselves on our innovative, integrated approach to property management. Our targeted asset management approach, sales and planning activities are the major reasons for our success. Our approach is pro-active and strategic. We are able to stop the fluctuation of tenant, reduce running costs, support complex and necessary measures to stabilize the value of properties. This is achieved through a constant supervision of budget restraints and an optimized tenant mix.


We create synergies and use our network of creditor banks, property owners, asset managers, sub-contractors and real estate agents to go the extra mile for our clients. For all parties involved, we are the people to talk to in order to achieve an optimal result and the best possible price. Due to our expert knowledge, our awareness of the current value of properties, your targets and out clients' expectations we are able to cover each stage of the planning and development lifecycle. In developing strong relationships with our clients, we also seek to continually protect and enhance their position through an awareness of both their short and long term objectives.

Property Asset management

  • Optimization of lease and land use
  • Improvement of letting conception and tenant mix
  • Assessment of the current market value
  • Assessment of profitability
  • Interim management
  • Market research and monitoring

Optimization of property portfolion

  • Object-based planning
  • Improvement of vacancy management
  • Stabilize and increase cash flow
  • Giving advice on possible developments of the property
  • Giving advice on conversion or redevelopments
  • Giving advice on design, property management and circulation space
  • Analysing maintenance costs
  • Regular, monthly reports andfeedbacks

Tenant care

  • Optimization of tenant mix
  • Tenant care
  • Reducing or stopping tenant turnover

Successful marketing of your property

  • Portfolios
  • Arranging viewings

Successful marketing & leasing of your property

  • Finding and acquiring tenants
  • Providing expert marketing and leasing advice

Sales marketing

  • Finding and acquiring potential buyers
  • Sales support

Access to services

  • Selection and assessment of property management and facility management services
  • Selection of advertising agencies, architects and consulting engineers
  • Comparing offers submitted by insurance companies

General property management

  • Partner for all paries involved
  • Supervision of performance
  • Supervision of conversions prior to the extension of an existing lease
  • Supervision of budget constraints
  • Proper management concepts and redevelopment support
  • Negotiation,supervision, implementation and reporting