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As experts for commercial properties all over Germany – we take care of the specific needs of our clients, – in particular the strategic and operational details which must be considered when managing, placing and safeguarding the assets of your property. We cater to the optimal placement of your property on the market.

Mr. Solms and his team have been working in the commerical property business for 25 years . Ever since then we have been your reliable, confidential and independent consultants.





Property letting and sales


Target-driven, confidential and client-oriented, we give expert advice and offer value-optimized sale and letting solutions of properties which are no longer in use.


Besides analyzing and optimizing the marketability of your property portfolio, we also develop concepts to revitalize objects with low occupancy rates. We provide market-leading advice and transaction support to investors and clients for their business property needs. Our object-based analysis and documentations respond to the needs of our clients. Our clients gain competitive advantage and we support them by optimizing their letting and sales revenue. Additionally, our clients became part of our network of investors and potential tenants.



Finding properties, assist letting,property acquistion


We offer good value for money and find what our clients are looking for. Being an independent consultancy with a partnership culture that puts our clients first.


We have been a competent and reliable player on the property market for 25 years. This expertise enables us to go the extra mile for our clients. When assessing potential property investments, we are able to separate the wheat from the chaff by fully utilizing our professional expertise. Our investerors and clients benefit from our strong performance and provide our clients access to our extensive network.



Property stock, assessment and research of market data


The successful implemetation of a project is subject to the correct quality assessment of the micro and macro location. Furthermore, market niches must be identified, translated into viable concepts and communicated to potential target groups.


In doing so we analyse and research current property markets, specific location features, project-based feasibility studies and conduct object-based research to identify possible trends, potential for growth and risks. Market research, profound knowledge of the market and a clear sense of innovation are are key factors in order to gain valuable results for our clients and investors. Our approach is focused on identifying and analysing the economic challenges of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow.



Planning and implementing development and disposal strategies


Our action plans are perfect foundations for your decision making process. Based on your requirements you will receive recommendations how to optimize or, if necessary, how to liquidate your property value.


Advising clients also ranges from moderinsing current building stock, revitalization and redevelopment to strategic realignment. Client-orientation is at the heart of everything we do. We avoid risks and seize chances. Your objectives in mind, we work out specific scenarios and offer bespoke strategies thereby exceeding our client's expectations.


Lowering costs, increasing value, enhancing image


Providing full property management services, we combine our core competencies like research and analysis, strategy development, real estate marketing and distribution.


Thanks to our analytical skills and expertise we are able to lower object-related costs and expenses and we optimize your property portfolio and its image. We boast an impressive track record increasing the functionality and the value of properties. We like to go the extra mile in our daily work in order to meet the requirements of our clients. Remaining within budget, being focused on the market, keeping your strategy in mind are vital for us at all stages of the development cycle.



Advertising and marketing of properties


Due to our exptertise and awareness of the competition on the property market, we are able to suggest, implement and supervise effective marketing strategies.


Our range of activities comprises analysis, planning, implementation and control. We treat each property individually and go the extra mile to deliver excellence. Thinking local and knowing how people live and work are the keys to successful project implementations and positive sales figures. What makes a property interesting for a potential client largely depends on the clients business and the scope of the investment. With a thorough understanding of their requirements, we guide our clients through the marketing process. Our clients receive active support to gain sustainable growth and value enhancement of their property.