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Our fees


beratungAs fee-based consultants, we are different. In contrast to the pure real estate brokerage, the professional commercial real estate consultancy is a comprehensive advisory real estate service, which generally leads to an increase in the value of the property or to a placement / exit.

With our customers, we agree on a fee for our service. This can be a site consultation, accompanying rental / purchase or sales consulting or a property consultancy for cost reduction, increase of the building efficiency or value increase.

Usually, there are time honors for the analysis / research and a success bonus for the achievement of the goal.





Fee orientation guide


The scope of consultancy must always be determined and calculated individually. The fee agreed is dependent on the task and depends on the respective written agreement with the client.

A fee is to be paid for the completion of certain tasks, i.e., depending on the progress of the work, as well as the submission of interim reports, or by means of advance payments in constant time intervals.

For the purpose of orienting the level of the fees of SOLMS CONSULTING, the following basic service table applies as a starting value:


A Time-based honorar


The time rate is calculated on a flat rate or hourly basis and is always due whether the contract is concluded or not. In return, you as the customer do not have to pay a commission.

The fee is calculated according to expenditure in person-days. A person's day is the work of a consultant in one day. A person's day is usually eight to ten hours. If for example three consultants are required for ten days in a project, it means 30 working days.

The hourly and daily rates vary according to the experience and hierarchy level of the consultants.

If several consultants work in the project team on a larger project, we apply differentiated prices for the consultants employed according to their qualifications. In this case, an average daily salary per person can be agreed, or a billing based on the single day rates according to the actual working time of the consultant.


B Package price


In the case of precisely delimited, not necessarily terminated tasks, or also in the case of general consultations, it is possible to agree with us a flat rate, including all ancillary costs / services. This fee structure is usually based on the previously mentioned time hornonar.


C Time hornonar with success bonus


In addition, a combination of time honoring and success bonus (additional remuneration for the target achievement) can be agreed. A lower fixed price for the consulting service, which is later charged with the due bonus payment, will be agreed upon.

In this case we determine individually together with our client the objectives, the amount and, the date of payment of the respective success bonus.

In the case of sales-oriented, independent transactions, the amount of the success bonus is based on the rates of hornonars for the real estate sector as follows:



In the case of sales-oriented transactions, an objective (profit bonus) is deemed to be achieved in the case of replacement and follow-up transactions. A substitute transaction is, for example, where a customer enters into a contract with the lessor / seller or tenant / buyer or instead of buying / selling, renting / leasing, or buying / selling rather than renting / renting , A follow-up transaction occurs when an expansion / modification of the concluded contract matter occurs, for example, at a not too distant time, e.g. Has only been rented / leased and a purchase / sale is concluded or a business contract is extended by additional areas. The success bonus is then also based on the sentences below.


With terms of contract up to 5 years of the net rent or tenancy

=3,75 monthly rents


With terms of contract longer than 5 years

=4,17 monthly rents


With additional option rights, initial rent rights, hire rights or rights of preemption irrespective of the term of contract agreed on

=1,19 monthly rents


In case of graded lease contracts the calculation base is generated with respect to the average amount of the lease valid during the term of the contract.



In case of option money and the like, redemption for rights and claims, furniture and fixtures, goods, customer base, etc. independently of the respective amount of the lease contract commission

= 7,14 %


In case of the sale of real estate (pieces of real estate, buildings, commonhold flats, trade and industry property, investment etc.,) commission is based on the all round price generated including all services the purchaser promised the seller

= 7,14 %


With heritable building rights in addition to the commission on buildings with respect to the whole amount of heritable building interest the beneficiary has to pay

= 3,75 %


With option rights, purchase rights and rights of preemption; beneficiary will pay the amount with respect to the market value

= 3,75 %


In case of compulsory auctions: out of the total expenditures, including existing rights

= 7,14 %


Business and company sales



With purchase and sale of companies, shareholdings, goods, know-how, objects on the total amount of the contract of the purchaser

= 7,14 %


On loans and contracts of all types on the part of the borrower or the initiator with respect to the amount of the contract

= 4,76 %


An agreed success bonus is earned and payable upon completion of the contract matter (contract conclusion). This may be: rental agreement, leasing contract, purchase contract, option contract, hereditary lease agreement, company and partnership agreement, work supply contract or other. The nature of the contract is irrelevant. It is the sole opportunity to conclude a contract.




The travel and incidental costs are billed separately according to expenses or flat rate.

Employees of our company are not authorized to act without the written authorization of the company, in particular not for fee negotiations and collection.
Verbal or telephone arrangements are only valid after written confirmation by us. Amendments to the mandate agreement and the General Conditions of Contract by the contracting authority are not binding for us.

The transmission of information / data is without guarantee. We reserve the right to make interim statements, intermediate sale, rental as well as errors remain reserved.

Place of fulfillment and court of jurisdiction, for default matters, is Leipzig in Germany, as far as legally permissible.
The fee is to be paid by the customer including the statutory VAT (Germany, value-added tax 19 %).

Details of the fee agreement are set out in an individual agreement on the basis of our General Conditions of Contract.

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